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Attitude of the people around me.

Paul , age 45
Oakland, California
March 24, 2009
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I like sunbathing in nude, after swimming. Hence, the beach should be appropriate for nude sunbathing.

Ozan , age 32
Istanbul, Not Applicable
March 30, 2008
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Well, there isn't just anyone time. Some of my favorite times have been when I was swimming with my best friend from work. We would used to swim after work when the pool was closed before we would go home. Other times, I would attend naked swims held by differing organizations that promoted swimming naked. And but not least, swimming at the hot springs with no inhabitions with the family group adults and kids enjoying ourselves naturally the way God intended us to be.

Topher , age 30
Salt Lake City, Utah
July 09, 2006
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it's not a matter of how often, just a matter of being with special people and using the time you do have to just be

ross , age 23
, Texas
May 27, 2002
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the first time i did it at night

Sarasota, Florida
December 28, 2002
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