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As often as I can, which is not often enough unfortuneately! Been doing so since I was 15. Travel to NJ, CA and Florida to do so at times.

Chris , age 39
Arlington, Virginia
October 22, 2003
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If it's okay with others. Fine down our local beach, but I'm looking for a pool.

Simon , age 37
Exeter, Alabama
November 26, 2003
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sure would like to find a place locally where i can swim and be outdoors without clothes. Right now, i'm limited to my apartment.

Thomas , age 62
Des Plaines, Illinois
November 11, 2003
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Having a private pool is the bomb when you're growing up. I've spent every summer more naked than not. My dad is ok with us swimming naked. Life is good.

Brad , age 18
Avon, Indiana
May 25, 2006
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Sunshines' Paradise, Crested Butte, Colorado, 1980.

Barry , age 46
Austin, Texas
June 04, 2002
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