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The people who are around. If they are cooland fun, wheeeee!

Brian , age 39
Plano, Texas
September 02, 2006
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I can't understand why anyone would swim with any clothing on.....it's a RUSH to swim feeling the water rushall over your body

Mikael , age 26
Panama City, Florida
April 14, 2006
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2004 4th of July vacation at a nudist resort. My first time with such a crowd of wonderful people. I get back there as much as possible. It's much better than trying to remain "hidden" in my back yard like I should be ashamed. I would be a criminal if anyone saw and reported me. Would have to register for life as a sex offender. That's more time than for shooting a cop! Stupid world!

harold , age 50
flint, Michigan
June 17, 2006
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vive les nudistes!

victor , age 49
sydney, Not Applicable
September 19, 2003
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whether others are naked at the beach

John , age 30
Galveston, Texas
January 26, 2004
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