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John , age 22
austin, Texas
July 14, 2002
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After working a late shift at the store, friends and I went to our favorite swimming hole, a strip pit, alongside an interstate, and swam about midnight. Full moon, and just had a great time. 6 friends just having fun and being naked.

Clint , age 20
Indianapolis, Indiana
May 25, 2006
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I always skinnydip by my self. If I wanna see a friend naked swimming is always a good way to instigate it.

Carrie , age 22
Lansing, Illinois
September 30, 2002
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Don't swim naked if I have guests who may be offended or small children present.

Mike , age 46
Perth, Not Applicable
July 27, 2007
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If it's okay with others. Fine down our local beach, but I'm looking for a pool.

Simon , age 37
Exeter, Alabama
November 26, 2003
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