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thanks for your lovely website. almost anything else can be enjoyed naked too. my favourites include yoga, dancing, hiking and housework. i'm planning on joining the nude cycling protest this Saturday. Wish me luck.

Reid , age 42
Vancouver, BC, Not Applicable
June 09, 2006
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don , age 66
rolla, Missouri
July 08, 2002
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sharing the magic of sea mountain swim naked spa

Tammy , age 26
los angeles, California
May 06, 2008
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where im at

mark , age 30
tyler, Texas
July 11, 2002
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A long time ago, with my closest friend, I went to a lake in the late evening, which also had 2 slides. One small slide and one at least twice as long. It actually was the first time I ever went swimming naked.

At first, my friend was not sure, so we both went down the slides with our swimsuits still on. When the beach surrounding the lake was totally deserted for more than 5 minutes, she decided to get rid of her suit.

As it was her first time too, we agreed it'd be best if we'd take off our suits in the water, and then throw them onto the sand. We were both swimming around for a few minutes, getting used to the feeling of not being constricted by a swimsuit of any kind. It was an odd feeling for the both of us, at age 12, as we had never experienced anything alike.

After a minute or ten, we agreed that we would waste our time if we'd just swim around and do nothing. So after a thorough check for any other person accidently walking along, we got out of the water, wearing nothing, and we climbed up the stairs to go down the short slide. As first timers, we had no idea what it would be like, so as closest friends, we went hand in hand. The slide was wide enough to hold three people, so two would fit in easily.

We both were astonished by the rush it gave us. The feeling of water freely sliding up your body, is something mere words cannot describe. As soon as our white butts hit the water, we sank down slightly, and got back to the surface again. We were giggling like crazy as we put our hair behind our ears to be able to see something again.

Her immediate reaction was one of joy. She enjoyed it so much, she was now willing to go off the much larger, and taller slide, for even a bigger rush. I could only agree, as she deffinately was true. It was an awesome feeling.

We got out of the water, still slightly giggling, and walked up the stairs of the higher slide. Though this one was higher, two persons would not fit side-to-side. So Sarah went first and I followed right after her. This time, the water forced my legs slightly apart, sending a flow of water straight into my privates. It somehow gave me an awesome feeling that I can't describe. I never felt anything like that before, being constricted by the swimsuit. As we hit the water, one after the other, we giggled some more, but realised it would be time to go back to the house.

We both came to the lake wearing our 2 piece bikini covered by a knee-high skirt and a t-shirt. Since we both really enjoyed the swimming without suits, we became curious about whether we'd like to walk around without them, too. We walked up the beach, to where our towels were, dried ourselves off, and put on the skirt and t-shirt. Without anything under it, we picked up our swimsuits, rolled them up in our towels, put on our flip-flops and walked to the house together, wearing nothing but a skirt and shirt.

Christy , age 16
, Alabama
February 01, 2008
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