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weather, location, mosquitos & it's always at night

Bill , age 37
Bound Brook, New Jersey
May 29, 2002
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South Beach florida with alan bellman and claire watching for shark feeding time.

ryan , age 24
baldwin city, Kansas
May 28, 2002
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only in the summertime

joey , age 18
berlin, Massachusetts
December 05, 2005
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Amazing that I've had to wait this long to find a website that appears decent, although I wonder bout the talkactive boys and no comment women. I always thought that this gift from God had nothing to do with being sexy, but everything with the joy of life (Mardi Gras, darling, doesn't have anything to do with showing off your breasts. My goodness, how could one not desire to do this thing--cast off clothes and enter the cool water?

a.e. , age 54
mobile, Alabama
February 08, 2006
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Whenever I can get away with it. Maybe 4-5 times a year.

David , age 40
Chicago, Illinois
August 25, 2002
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