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Snorkeling 7 miles off the coast of Key West. Although we were in the middle of the ocean we were on a sandbar only four feet deep.

San Diego, California
January 12, 2006
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Laying out on a pool float in the summer sun.

Baker, Oregon
January 24, 2004
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There was this girl I was really interested in. I became friends with her brother so I could see her more. One night her brother and me and her and another girl had been drinking, and we all went skinnydipping. It was fun. We stood under a street light and looked at each other naked and laughed at our nudity. Then we swam, then we had sex, then we lay on the beach naked and watched the stars. It was a great time.

Mike , age 20
Mobile, Alabama
October 11, 2006
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as often as I can in my pool at home, its mostly concealed in a corner. I've swum naked in the sea we have a nudist beach but it's a long walk to get to it. Went there quite often when in my teens and later, went naked mostly usually went with a buddy.

ronald , age 47
Cape Town, Not Applicable
May 09, 2006
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Whenever I possibl can. In the summer, at least once a week.

Sam , age 33
Southampton, Not Applicable
April 04, 2006
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