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With my wife and my daughter's voice teacher, who was hardly a spring chicken, but just loved skinny dipping! Wonderful conversation. Just delightful and quite unexpected.

Pete , age 50
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
November 02, 2003
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Any chance I get

Duane , age 62
Fort Worth, Texas
August 12, 2002
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My girlfriend and I skinny dipped at a BBQ with about 10 other poeple there. No one knew we were nekkid.

Cary , age 43
Milton, New Hamspire
July 24, 2007
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Afew years ago lived in Bali for several months. In the villages people routinely bathe in streams & waterfalls... noone is ashamed. Sometimes me and some friends would go to a particularly beautiful spot surrounded by rice paddies, dive, swim and generally goof off! That was my first public nude bathing experience and I've been hooked ever since.

Reid , age 42
Vancouver, BC, Not Applicable
June 09, 2006
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As much as possible.

Jeff , age 52
Bradenton, Florida
July 19, 2013
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