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  • Are you suggesting I trespass or break the law?
    No. Don't endanger yourself. Don't trespass. Don't break the law.

  • I don't have a group to go with.
    Then go by yourself, find a good spot, get used to it on your own. Then take one person. Then maybe they'll know someone and you'll have 3. Build slowly... the vibe is very important, don't rush it or screw it up inviting too many people, people who get too drunk, etc.

  • I'm a girl, won't guys take advantage of the situation?
    Be picky about who you go with. Whoever coordinates the event should address the "trust and togetherness" vibe with everyone attending. Don't go with frat boys (unsophisticated unevolved stereotypical immature and rude ones). Remember, it isn't easy for guys to be naked either - maybe we're growers not showers, and we're not having sex with you, so this is new territory for us too. Be willing to have a little faith in the situation - something very peaceful and trusting inevitably happens when you're naked in front of other people. It's not natural to be sarcastic, rude, or violent, etc. If the group is chosen wisely and people are sober it really should be okay - often girls remain mostly or partially clothed the first time until they're comfortable.

  • I'm a guy, what if i get a hard-on?
    In years and years of things like this I think it happened once, and we sort of laughed and got over it. The thing about total nudity, is that it's not very erotic. What's erotic, is underwear, tight fitting bra-les tank tops, ie minimal sexy clothing, slow stripteases, etc., models in the magazines popping out of tops and briefs, this is erotic. Regular people totally and completely nude is strangely non-erotic. It you really look at it, it's sort of funny and goofy if anything. What happens, is you forget about it pretty quickly, and you're not looking at it - you're swimming, you're talking, and enjoying an honesty and awake-feeling that's new, and different, and valuable. This isn't watching xtube videos - it's pretty unlikely you're gonna pop wood.

  • I'm overweight, I could never do this.
    There was a group of us at the University of Texas that swam naked at area lakes, and even house parties with pools and stuff. There were a few girls that were really self conscious about their weight and didn't remove clothing the first few times, and were extremely shy when they first did. I remember at the end of the semester watching them run around all over the place, laughing and talking to everyone and beaming this undeniable joy and self-confidence. It's counter-intuitive, but it's the advertising and clothes that make us ashamed, not our bodies. Swimnaked is about leaving the advertising, clothes, and shame on the shore, and entering a totally unique (and timeless) atmosphere where we can be seen as we really are - vulnerable, insecure, childlike, mature, and confident all at the same time... A friend in many gender studies courses with me agreed that the group was one of the most successful feminist environments we could imagine. Give the group a chance that it can present a unique collection of individuals, each searching for a deepened sense of self-awareness and more sincere interactions with others - don't presume, or limit it, to guys vs. girls or attractive vs. unattractive or any of the categories we perpetuate through brands, categories, clothing, careers, etc... swimnaked.
    Download the urban quick reference guide to swimming naked! (as a pdf)
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