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sparklers, austin, 2000

   You are over-preoccupied with being naked.
nakedness is the means not the end.  nakedness makes everything new.  you pay attention.  you wake up.   sun wind and water become immediate, present, powerful.   when you swim naked your nakedness could be the last thing on your mind - that's up to you.   it's the subversion, not the nakedness, that's essential. there's obvious symbolism:  you're uninhibited, you're free, you're vulnerable,  you can trust your friends and the world that there's no reason to be ashamed or self-conscious.  nakedness is a means to an end, not the actual end.
   I think promoting nakedness is weird and unnatural.
if god had meant us to run around naked
we would have been born that way.

So you think everyone should just    
    run around naked whenever they want?   

that's right ...that's right.

Hey isn't this really just all about sex?   

nope!  how did you learn "naked=sex"?   should the only time that you're ever naked be when you're having sex or in the shower?    you don't have sex every time you shower, but you get naked to shower and that makes it feel better.   now just take that outside.
we've learned these extremes:
dress up in khakis
in the daytime
go to work
take off your clothes
in the dark
behind locked doors
have sex
do those two extremes really fulfill our natural potential to know our own body?   to have fun, to feel good, to grow more self aware?  there's an infinitely large middle area that we don't know how to explore.   couldn't that be what's unnatural?
swimming naked with friends is about trust, confidence, freedom...   it's pretty hard to be sarcastic, pretentious, mean, or aggressive when you're naked in front of someone else.  clothes are (and when swimming naked, represent) defense mechanisms.  without them, things become that much more real, sincere - awake, and alive.   if you have friends you can run around naked with, you've got some really great friends.
or, if you've got really great friends, try runnin around naked with them sometime.   let us know how that works out.
sparkler dances
   So this site is here to "mainstream" being naked.
sure!  it shouldn't be as big of a deal as it seems to be for a lot of people.   it doesn't need to be shocking or suspect or controversial or dubious.

are you sure what dubious means?
i wasn't.

   hey there's porn on this website!
no, if that was porn it would have cost $2.95 (and $49.99 three days later) to look at and you'd have popup windows to close.
that's a picture someone took of someone else while they were safe and happy and naked!
the idea here might be that putting photos on the web of ourselves that aren't about sex is radically new and subversive in a very cutting edge socioacademic sort of way, or something like that.
try it and see if you come out of it more well adjusted.