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being naked...
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why swim naked?
we need subversion to feel conscious, awake, alive
to keep moving, to change, to learn
to grow
embrace those opportunities
say Yes to life, be brave, jump in, dance in it, rejoice
rediscover the intensity of vulnerability
life's too short to spend it wasting too much time on mediocrity, pretense,
insecurity, fear, vanity, pride
swim naked
no cost, no profit, no consumption, no product
underwater is weightless, directionless, exploratory, fluid, floating, flying.
swimming, sound and sight are blurred --> sensations and thoughts are heightened
there are not the crisp dry outlines of land and air
water is our simple and beautiful otherworld for escape and reawakening
given by nature free of charge
surely intended to be experienced by all
...and you don't need a target/oshman's/nike/abercrombie swimsuit with elastic
drawstring band and clingy panty liner
a pricey bikini or one-piece custom designed to increase perceived breast size and
sex appeal while minimizing thigh, butt, and waist size (for who?)
...to do it
why this insistence on wearing clothes... in the water...
a consumer in a swimsuit and an object in a bikini are not consumers or objects when they
swim naked
entering water without swimwear started about 5,000 - 1,000,000 years ago (accomodating stances regarding evolution :)
now, in this peak of civilized modernity, the idea is "different", a bit "off", "suspect"... and in most cases against the law! (my how far we've come)
but there's a reason why years from now you'll remember nightswimming with friends
and maybe not so much another night "out"
you can go by yourself the first time. no one has to know.
go ahead
j u m p   i n   t h e   w a t e r